Historic Impressions
History is full of stories.  Some are exciting, humorous,
adventurous, or mysterious.  Many times history can be
sad, depressing - make you angry and bitter - depending
on who's history is being told and what point of view it is
being told from.  But even within the stories of human
suffering, painful experiences, war and poverty, trials
and hardships, unfairness and mistreatment - there are
still jewels of courage, fortitude, perseverance, tenacity,
hope, and extraordinary people.  That's why I love
history - and I have a passion for studying and
presenting a diverse array of historical stories.  This site
was created to be a haven for those who appreciate the
"fine points" of history everywhere.  So....
Read and
enjoy....Share your thoughts, stories, and research...and
if you are an educator, you will find some excellent
information and
services to supplement your history
curriculum and increase your students' potential.

Welcome to Historic Impressions!
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We invite you to enhance your  curriculum by bringing a
unique and engaging living history experience into your
classroom and/or school.  Black Historic Impressions (BHI)
is an organization dedicated to building knowledge and
building character in students of all ages.  We provide an
interactive learning experience that will captivate your
students and make history come alive before their eyes.
Our objectives are to raise test scores and the
achievement level of all students.  Not only do we provide
information they are required to learn, but we go a step
further and motivate them to achieve more by using
historic examples of diligence and perseverance.
Welcome to Historic

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Character, and Building Community