Historic Impressions seeks to create unforgettable experiences through significant stories from the past that give relevant, valuable insights for the present and the future.  It is a multifaceted organization that includes historic interpretation, dramatic stage performances, classroom encounters, creative program development, teacher workshops, interpretation training, and consultant services.  We have provided these services to many different audiences and connect all of our school programming with appropriate academic standards.

Not sure what services would be best for your group?  Just contact us and we’ll provide suggestions based off of your goals and group needs.

Historic Impressions is also devoted to building the character of all generations by being a bridge to the legacy of responsibility, courage, and heroism of real figures in history.


The Director of Historic Impressions is Anthony Gibbs.   Mr. Gibbs is a professional teaching artist who has designed and presented historical programs and character impressions for students of all ages.  He shares true dramatic stories in schools, libraries, museums, and other venues.  Anthony captures his audiences with spellbinding performances that keep listeners on the edge of their seats.  He is a gifted storyteller and astute in his knowledge of historical content.  He engages the audience in his presentations with his commanding presence, historical knowledge, authentic props, and excellent oratorical skills.  He studied at the Ohio State University in the field of History.  The stories he brings to life are tales of great courage, tireless determination, and long lasting hope. Anthony loves history, and leaves his audiences with a greater respect and appreciation for the power of storytelling and the timeless messages we can all learn from memorable moments of the past.



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